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One woman that was allegedly romantically interested in me went on a rant and told me I should live my life totally relegated to the context of my medical condition. Since I have no interest in the concept of adopt a worrywart and become a proverbial neurology professor, I choose to stay single. The medical context correlates to what was said in the article about not wanting to answer to someone.

Besides, more people are single today than were single in the s.

How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can’t Have

So being single is normal. There is an option B here - date another epileptic, or someone who knows about the disorder! I have epilepsy, too, and while I have not had the same experience that you have, I have heard of people that have had similar experiences. I HOPE.

  • How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can’t Have!
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Leather lady, you have a lot of work to do on yourself before even thinking about a partner. You have been through so much and need to heal your soul, try reading 'The Power of Now', it helped me immensely as did 'The Untethered Soul'. Finding a partner now would be a mistake as water finds it's own level and you would end up with a man as damaged as yourself. All the love you need is inside of yourself, you have to strip away the damage and let your light shine.

You are beautiful and worthy, as are we all deep down inside and ultimately you are all you need, a partner is an optional extra. Good luck and believe that you can heal! I can relate to your comment as I also suffer from epilepsy but I have men reject me when I tell them.. They will sometimes keep talking to me till they are bored or will say how they can't live with me. I find it so frustrating as I have only ever wanted to meet someone who can accept me for who I am but coming from an Asian background it's becoming impossible as they are all jusgemental.

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  5. Hi, I understand that it seems impossible because I have Schizophrenia and never thought that anyone could love me because I was to sick. I became a Christian and my life began to change so I thought that I would be acceptable by others, I was readily accept and prayed to God that I could find just the right wife. It didn't happen so for 30 years I prayed and nothing happened.

    Besides for my faith I would had given up and then I remembered that when I was first a Christian I began to have friends. So I changed my attitude and started thinking that I was worth some woman's love and tried to talk to people as if they weren't offended by my illness. I went through a lot of liars after my money but came across a woman about a year ago that says she never had feelings for anyone as she does for me. God does miracles if we just ask. I hope you begin to think that there is someone who will accept you because there is.

    May God bless you immensely on your journey. Over the years, it's likely something like 50 million there have died that way. It's the sad truth. I may be physically attractive not stunning, but decent. However, I really have nothing to offer. I can't see why anyone would want to marry me. You don't have anything to offer? Yourself, your company, your body. Change your thinking to "I'm a great catch, anybody would be lucky to have me! Oh yes! Do that. I think what you are saying is that most men are unsure of themselves and threatened by competent women. Assuming there are some self-confidant men out there perhaps more than one per cent why would such a man be attracted to someone who is meek and afraid?

    There must be. Kidding apart, there simply aren't ENOUGH such men around, it seems; and then there is the little matter of not having the dumb lack of actually meeting them And then the attraction has to be reciprocated, of course. I used to be a gorgeous woman and I still look very, very well, I am told , judging by my measured IQ though not necessarily by my life choices : my intelligence is well above average, I speak six languages not including my mother tongue , I am accomplished, and compassionate, a very good listener, very sensual, with a sense of humour.

    I am also great fun to be with. Yet in my 51 years of life I've never met anyone to really love. I've had a few- very few relationships, but never a true LOVE relationship. And right now, it's been many many years since I'd been in any erotic relationship at all - mainly, but not exclusively, because nobody has approached me. I feel the same way this woman does.

    I'm now For years I met nice women, but none ever wanted to go past one date. I stopped dating at The pool by then was pretty bad. Online dating didn't help either. I tried it for 8 months. I had women view my profile, I contacted 40, ten replied, and none wanted to even meet for coffee. I concluded that dating after 40 or even 50 is just not worth it.

    People stop looking at you after I just got tired of rejection and one time dates. I no longer want to date at all. It was always annoying and disappointing for me. Well, 2 years later here My input Used to have a married neighbor, he 78, she 88, married in name ONLY. Married 72 years!! No children, he, colder than fish, tres calculating She and I were best friends in my gated community.

    So, the wife dies and viola!!

    The more you give, the more I want.

    She, same age, an accomplished cook, academic children and the rest is history, SO One should never give up HOPE. My conclusion of their setting is In appearances? An unlikely match, but, who am I to say Life is for the living and they have been happily?? I got the ages reversed, the husband age 88 years. So, so sad the conversations that she and I had. She was too weak to divorce him, yes, she threatened to do so, but lacked the courage.

    He was something else to come up against. The entire gated community knew his history So, so sad, she merely existed in the marriage or should I say, an arrangement. Nothing done together all those years She is at peace now and I will remember her always. That is it in a nutshell. Or should you not ask yourself, "Why do I find it so hard to love someone else?

    5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Over Your Almost-Relationship

    And BTW, many women have a strong dislike for happy, accomplished and confident women, too - and for the same reason. Be that as it may, it is true that a confident "catch" will likely find it much more difficult to meet and date a good match. As you age up, you find either leftovers or overachievers from my experience. The bell curve takes over.

    The bulk of good matches are gone, so you find mostly the folks at the high end or low end. Midrange people have left the game. It's frustrating and sad. Most men do not care about your degrees, talents, or even income. They care about looks and personalities.

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    5. 1. Your expectations aren't realistic..
    6. I've seen many successful women with terrible issues. The worst issue is entitlement. If you want a partner, seek one, don't expect one to appear without effort. Once you get that "intimidated" and "threatened" nonsense out of your head, you'll finally be able to see those of us who AREN'T any of those things. Women who run around using these terms only see the men who they perceive to be "threatened" by their material things and other things that you merely expect from an adult, but such women think are special and exclusive A man that hates and fears women - sounds like a man that no woman would want in the first place.

      I am extremely self-confident and I have always been pursued by amazing men. If self-confidence filters out the losers, fantastic - but I have not seen men running from me in fear, nor spewing hatred in my direction. Perhaps men are not as bad as you think.

      It's a shame that you hold on to these negative ideas.

      I would be interested to know how you came by them. Maybe some woman need to give a guy a chance rather than judge them from first meet some guys woman need to get to know them there are some men that can be a little nervous or shy at first but if you get to know them you probably wouldn't let them go.

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      It goes both ways. I know PLENTY of wonderful women who were never given a chance even for a first encounter, because men did not find them physically attractive enough. Yes, of course we should give others a chance. Everyone should try to empathize, but it can be so difficult.

      Empathy takes a lot of work and practice. I have made very similar comments to those I read here. It's ironic that now, when I believe I do empathize better, I have too many responsibilities to even pursue friendship. Both my parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer's.