Mollie whitman marriages youngstown ohio 1983

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  • Genealogy Data Page 181 (Descendancy Pages).

Cassidy b. Aug Maine;m. Jun Idaho. Cassidy m. Jul Idaho. Rupe Donnelly b. Donnelly b. Johnson m. Yardley Donnelly b. Art Messnier. Wadmore Kinkade b. Walker b. Bakkum b. Sharp Tolmosoff b. Moss b.

Youngstown Police: Body found following north side shooting

Poel b. Watt b. Greek b. Hartings Gabbard b. Bales, III b. McWhortor b. Mullenix b. Leonard William Shelton b. Dixon b. Can someone out there let me know please.

Genealogy Data Page 1 (Descendency Pages)

Dixon Magoon b. Magoon b. Joseph, Mo. Lawrence b. Phipps b. Kerry b. Joseph,Buchanan Co. Mortensen b. Skoolicas b. Bridges b.

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Bridges Dame. Tolman b. Porter b. Rogers Morrow b.

Nancy Graves

Huss Rogers b. York b. Holman b. Rogers b. Sorenson Kinkade b. Brock b. Turpin b. Jul Columbia,Boone Co. Dec or 23 Jan ;d. Keeth Hall b. Hall Riley b. Riley b. Jul Missouri;m. Vollmer] b.

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Baughman b. Shannan Logsdon b. Bledsoe b.

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Donald b. Blair b. Terry m. Bramhall b. Vaughan b.

Walstrom b. Haggard b. Oct ;d.

2014 Obituaries

Sep Adrian,Bates Co. Hospital, Seattle , WA. Latham b.

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  4. Bjork b. We do miss you. Oct Grovespring, Wright Co. Oct Missouri. Jun Webster Co. Dinwiddie b. Schafer b. Schafer Fers b. Fers b.