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We also have a PDF version of the report which makes it easy to store on your computer, email, or print at your convenience. You can download the report immediately after purchase and a link to download the report will also be sent. Unlike out competitors, our history reports never expire. Login to your account to view your report and order additional reports when needed. Prior to VIN numbers varied between 11 and 17 characters.

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Therefore information on vehicles manufactured before is limited. Skip to main content. Our report also check your motorcycle VIN against the fire, flood, junk and crash test records. Whenever you see a deal that is too good to be true, make sure you run a vin check before purchasing it. Continuing with our example, the Kawasaki Z was involved in an accident at Deerfield Beach, Florida. The report also indicates that the motorcycle damage was not minor but rather extensive. With this information, you won't be fooled ff the used motorcycle seller told you that "it was just a scratch. Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a sequence of 17 characters containing numbers and alphabets.

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Encoded in the VIN number is information about your motorcycle including the manufacturer, mode year and where it was made. It also serves to uniquely identify your motorcycle so that DMV's nationwide can keep an accurate history. Typically, motorcycle vin will be located near the steering head of the motorcycle on a metal plate, either printed or engraved. Once you obtain those 17 digits, you can check the information on your vin for free at VinFreeCheck. Reduced Reach. Authentic Accessory Portfolio.

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