What does a background check show

It generally will not appear in a criminal background check, unless included as a footnote in the sentencing portion of a criminal record, but it may appear in public information databases and websites used by some pre-employment screeners. Violations of these orders are criminal matters, however, and arrests and court cases surrounding them will appear in criminal background checks.

What Shows Up On a Background Check?

Do bankruptcies show up on a background check? Because they are a matter of public record, bankruptcies are generally easy to discover and filings more than 10 years old may appear in non-FCRA compliant background checks. Do expunged or sealed records show up on a background check? When a court expunges a conviction or trial record, the case files are sealed off from public access, and the convicted party or defendant does not have to disclose the case when asked about their criminal history.

Background Check For Employment What Do They Check?

Sealed cases are not eligible for disclosure in most pre-employment background checks. If there is a significant time delay between the resolution of a case and the decision to expunge it, its records may continue to appear in criminal-background database searches until records are updated to reflect the expungement. The existence of expunged convictions that involve mistreatment of children or other vulnerable individuals may be legally reported in Level 2 background checks, though unsealing the details of those records typically requires a court order.

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The contents of background check reports can vary considerably, depending on the nature of information required by the employer, and the number and quality of the information resources used by the screening company. The best way to ensure a check complies with federal and local regulations is to work with an FCRA-compliant background check provider , such as GoodHire. And the best way to see what will appear on your FCRA-compliant background check is to run one on yourself.

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A pre-employment background check provides important details to make Should You Regularly Screen Employees? Stay on top of ever-changing background check laws with our ultimate guide to background check compliance. All rights reserved. Get Started.

Hit enter to search or ESC to close. About Who Are We? Q's Find answers and general information about employee screening and background checks. What is employers duty to protecting employee data? What does a background check show? Will a background check show I was fired? What does a background check mean? Will a background check show pending cases? Will a background check contact a current employer? Will a background check show expunged records? Will a background check show all of my past jobs?

A background check will only verify the jobs the applicant lists. Will a background check show pending DUI? Yes, if an arrest was made and the case has been entered into the judicial system. Will a background check show unemployment? Will a background check show a warrant?

Employee & Employer Inputed Data

Will a background check show an arrest Yes Will a background check show pending charges? Will a background check show juvenile records? Will a background check show salary? Will a background check show a suspended license? How do background checks work? How long does a background check take?

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  5. Why do you need a background check for employment? Performing a job background check gives employers some insights into how a new employee will get along with co-workers and managers, and how the employee will likely adapt to this new work environment. Again, what it is that employers are looking for when they perform these searches can vary based on the company or the position. In addition to the content listed above, employers performing an online screening are typically searching for red flags that suggest the candidate or employee may not be a good fit, as well as positive reinforcing factors.

    What does a background check show?

    According to a study from Careerbuilder , here are even more specific things that employers look for, and the percentage of employers that use employment background checks to get this information:. Below are red flags that employers look for to decide whether or not to hire or fire a candidate or employee:.

    Remember, these screenings often combine government records as well as information from social media. And there are tons of options to choose from, many of which are fully automated and essentially function as databases that aggregate information and produce profiles for individuals based on this.

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    Remember, in addition to the databases that gather information and create hubs of accurate information about you online, you will also be dealing with information about people who share your name online. That means that employer background checks may turn up information about you that is inaccurate. You are subject to formal employment background checks as well as informal scans at any point as a professional.

    Scan: Find out what is currently out there about you online by doing a Google search for your name. Look through the first 10 pages of results to identify any search results that could damage your reputation. Start with the low-hanging fruit. That is to say, start by removing any content that you control that could be a red flag to current or future employers.

    What Does a Background Check Show?

    We wrote a whole guide on dealing with negative search results. Your personal brand should show people why they want to work with you.