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Want to send email to the spam folder? No problem. Need to quickly weigh in with your input on a group email thread?

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Composing an email has never been so simple. These tricks will help you craft that perfect email, format it, and add recipients. Adding a colleague? To highlight words or phrases, first use the up, down, left, and right buttons to bring your cursor to the beginning or end of the text you want to highlight. Copy or paste the wrong piece of text?

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First, double click the word or highlight the phrase that you want to hyperlink or use the select text shortcut above. Need to transport from window to window? Click the icon next to the name and select Optional Attendee. When the invite is sent, their names are listed as optional.

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In the Reminder drop-down menu, set an alarm notification to remind of the appointment. To receive a notification of this meeting, check the appropriate box, Email or SMS. In the text box below Scheduler, type an email message that is included in the appointment invitation. To add attachments, click the paperclip icon on the toolbar.

The default is to ask the attendees to reply to your invitation. If you do not want to send the invite out at this time, click Save. Otherwise click Send. If you have not configured a notification, click Configure to go to the ,Notifications page to set this up.

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The QuickAdd Appointment dialog box opens. You can quickly create a meeting request by dragging and dropping a message, conversation to a date on the mini-calendar. When you drag and drop a message or conversation, the information in the message is used to populate many of the fields on the Appointment page. The Add Attendees dialog opens The appointment page opens with many of the fields populated from information in the message.

The attendees are all the email addresses in the To: and Cc: fields of the message, or the most recent message in conversations. The text of the message becomes the text of the invitation. Message attachments are not attached to the appointment request. The appointment page opens with the contact name in the Attendees field. Enter the subject, location, time, and other attendees. Within an email message, certain text is interpreted as a date and triggers the ability to right-click to create an appointment.

Text such as "today", "tomorrow", a day of the week i. You can create appointment similar to an existing appointment and the existing attendees, location, notes and recurrent pattern can be quickly set up for new dates and times. You can also modify any of the information before sending the invite. Right-click on the appointment to copy and select Create a Copy. The appointment compose page opens with all the information of the copied meeting added to the appointment page.

To create an appointment exactly as the one you copied, but on another date, you only need to change the start and end date. Click Send and a invite is sent to attendees and the appointment is added to your calendar. The Calendar scheduling tool can assist you with finding the next-available free times and meeting locations across your organization. You can set up preferences for preferred meeting times, buildings, location and room size.

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As you enter attendee names, the scheduling tool begins to suggest times and locations in the Overview pane. You also have the option to look for a location for your meeting before adding attendees. If you set up your location preferences, only these locations are displayed. If you always want to reserve rooms that are in a specific location, you can use the Suggested Location tool in the Calendar application to suggest the availability of those rooms when you create an appointment. In the Suggestion Preferences dialog box, Location Preferences section enter the information about the location.

You can enter just the name of the location, or you can be more specific. The column on the right displays locations that meet your requirements. Room locations are displayed if they have been configured in the company directory. Once you set this up for an appointment, this information is saved and available when you make other appointments. When you schedule meetings, you can check to see when attendees are busy or free so you can find a good time for all attendees to meet.

As you add attendees to the Attendees field, a suggestion panel in the Overview pane shows availability in 30 minute time slots for the attendees. Only include my working hours. This is the work week and hours you set in your Calendar preferences. If is a recurring meeting, select how many instance of the recurring meeting an attendee should be available. The equipment resource account receives the invite and if it is free, accepts the meeting. A meeting can be declined if the equipment already has a meeting scheduled for that time.

In some cases, the equipment scheduling policy is set up to allow the equipment to accept dates in recurring meetings even if there are conflicts.

You receive an email showing which dates conflict. If most of the meetings you schedule are for the same period of time, you can set this in your preferences.

When you set the start time, the end time is automatically set based on the setting. You can change meeting or appointment information. If you created a recurring meeting, you can change one occurrence or the series of meetings. To change the date for an all day event, in the Calendar view select the event and drag it to the new date.

Right-click the appointment and select Instance or Series, and select Forward Instance. In the email that opens, enter the forwarding addresses, add any comments to the Compose text area and click Send. In Calendar view, right-click a meeting that you organized and select Re-invite Attendees. The invitation is immediately re-sent to all attendees. If you created a meeting, you can cancel it. If you created a recurring meeting, you can delete one occurrence or the entire series. An email is sent to attendees to inform them of the cancelled meeting.

Deleting a meeting is permanent; you cannot undo the deletion.