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Consequently, all independent schools should prepare guidelines for responding to these requests. Second, the Connecticut law provides a useful set of best practices that any independent school should consider in reviewing and updating its own background check policies and practices.

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Under the new Connecticut statute, every applicant seeking employment at a Connecticut independent school must do the following:. These criminal history checks for applicants are a mandatory requirement for all new hires at Connecticut independent schools.

Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks

Schools are also required to cover all fees associated with the required background checks. For instance, schools must now obtain for each applicant:. The recipient schools have five business days from receiving the request to respond. The new Connecticut law also affects a number of employment practices beyond just hiring practices. Connecticut independent schools should review Public Act thoroughly and, with the assistance of counsel, revise their policies, practices, and forms as necessary to ensure compliance with the various components of the new law.

Connecticut Background Check Laws

Furthermore, every independent school should give thoughtful consideration to its own employment background check and vetting practices and how those practices might be strengthened. We suggest that schools take the following steps, with the guidance of counsel:. If you have any questions about these issues or need assistance with any other employment-related matters, please feel free to contact us. Education Blog Contact Us.

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