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In the colony was voluntarily placed under the protection of the British Government. Adams Parson , the beau-ideal of a simple-minded, benevolent, but eccentric country clergyman, of unswerving integrity, solid learning, and genuine piety; bold as a lion in the cause of truth, but modest as a girl in all personal matters; wholly ignorant of the world, being " in it but not of of it. His learning, his simplicity, his evangelical purity of mind are so admirably mingled with pedantry, absence of mind, and the habit of athletic Like Don Quixote, parson Adams is beaten a little too much and too often, but the cudgel lights upon his shoulders Adelaide, daughter of the count of Narbonne, in love with Theodore.

She is killed by her father in mistake for another. Jephson, Count of Narbonne She has a sweet voice and an edged temper, and it would seem from certain cynical remarks of her own, and Grandma's "Thar, daughter, I wouldn't mind! Her husband has been seized and detained by the "moonshiners" in the mountains, and the impression is that he has wilfully deserted her.

She cannot discredit it, but "She's goin' ter stay thar in her cabin an' wait fur him," said Mrs. A purty, young, good, r'ligious 'oman a-settin' herself ter spen' a empty life a-waitin' fur Steve Yates ter kum back! Adeline Lady , the wife of lord Henry Amun'deville 4 syl. After the parliamentary sessions this noble pair filled their house with guests, amongst which were the duchess of Fitz-Fulke, the duke of D, Aurora Raby, and don Juan, "the Russian envoy.

For the lady's character, see xiv. Adic'ia, wife of the soldan, who incites him to distress the kingdom of Mercilla. When Mercilla sends her ambassador, Samient, to negotiate peace, Adicia, in violation of international law, thrusts her Samient out of doors like a dog, and sets two knights upon her. Sir Artegal comes to her rescue, attacks the two knights, and knocks one of them from his saddle with such force that he breaks his neck. After the discomfiture of the soldan, Adicia rushes forth with a knife to stab Samient, but, being intercepted by sir Artegal, is changed into a tigress.

The "soldan" is king Philip II. Ad'icus, Unrighteousness personified in canto vii. He has eight sons and daughters, viz. Greek, adikos , "an unjust man. Adie of Aikenshaw , a neighbor of the Glendinnings. Scott, The Monastery time, Elizabeth. Adme'tus, a king of Thessaly, husband of Alcestis. Apollo, being condemned by Jupiter to serve a mortal for twelve months for slaying a Cyclops, entered the service of Admetus. James R. Lowell has a poem on the subject, called The Shepherd of King Admetus Ad'ona, a seraph, the tutelar spirit of James, the "first martyr of the twelve.

Adonai , the mysterious spirit of pure mind, love, and beauty that inspires Zanoni , in Bulwer's novel of that name.

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A'donbec el Hakim , the physician, a disguise assumed by Saladin, who visits sir Kenneth's sick squire, and cures him of a fever. Ado'nis , a beautiful youth, beloved by Venus and Proser'pina, who quarrelled about the possession of him. Jupiter, to settle the dispute, decided that the boy should spend six months with Venus in the upper world and six with Proserpina in the lower.

Adonis was gored to death by a wild boar in a hunt. Shakespeare has a poem called Venus and Adonis. Shelley calls his elegy on the poet Keats Adona'is , under the idea that the untimely death of Keats resembled that of Adonis. Adonis is an allegory of the sun, which is six months north of the horizon, and six months south. Thammuz is the same as Adonis, and so is Osiris.

Adoniram Penn , the obstinate and well-to-do farmer in Mary E. Wilkins's Revolt of "Mother ". He persists in building a new barn which the cattle do not need instead of the much-needed dwelling for his family. In his absence, "Mother," who was wont to "stand before her husband in the humble fashion of a Scripture woman," moves household and furniture into the commodious barn. Ad'oram, a seraph, who had charge of James the son of Alphe'us. Adosinda , daughter of the Gothic governor of Auria, in Spain.

The Moors having slaughtered her parents, husband, and child, preserved her alive for the captain of Alcahman's regiment. She went to his tent without the least resistance, but implored the captain to give her one night to mourn the death of those so near and dear to her.

To this he complied, but during sleep she murdered him with his own scymitar.

Roderick, disguised as a monk, helped her to bury the dead bodies of her house, and then she vowed to live for only one object, vengeance. In the great battle, when the Moors were overthrown, she it was who gave the word of attack, "Victory and Vengeance! Milton makes him overthrown by U'riel and Raphael Paradise Lost , vi.

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According to Scripture, he was one of the idols of Sepharvaim, and Shalmane'ser introduced his worship into Samaria. Klopstock introduces him into The Messiah , and represents him as surpassing Satan in malice and guile, ambition and mischief. He is made to hate every one, even Satan, of whose rank he is jealous, and whom he hoped to overthrow, that by putting an end to his servitude he might become the supreme god of all the created worlds. At the crucifixion he and Satan are both driven back to hell by Obad'don, the angel of death.

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Adraste' 2 syl. His plan is this: He gets introduced as a portrait-painter, and thus imparts to Isidore his love, and obtains her consent to elope with him. Adrian'a, a wealthy Ephesian lady, who marries Antiph'olus, twin-brother of Antipholus of Syracuse.

The abbess Aemilia is her mother-in-law, but she knows it not; and one day when she accuses her husband of infidelity, she says to the abbess, if he is unfaithful it is not from want of remonstrance, "for it is the one subject of our conversation.

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In bed I will not let him sleep for speaking of it; at table I will not let him eat for speaking of it; when alone with him I talk of nothing else, and in company I give him frequent hints of it. In a word, all my talk is how vile and bad it is in him to love another better than he loves his wife" act v. Adria'no de Arma'do Don , a pompous, fantastical Spaniard, a military braggart in a state of peace, as Parolles 3 syl.

Boastful but poor; a coiner of words, but very ignorant; solemnly grave, but ridiculously awkward; majestical in gait, but of very low propensities. Said to be designed for John Florio, surnamed "The Resolute," a philologist. Holofernes, the pedantic schoolmaster, in the same play, is also meant in ridicule of the same lexicographer. Adrienne Lecouvreur , French actress, said to have been poisoned by flowers sent to her by a rival.

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Died in AE'acus, king of Oeno'pia, a man of such integrity and piety, that he was made at death one of the three judges of hell. The other two were Minos and Rhadaman'thus. Homer says men call him "Aege'on," but by the gods he is called Bri'areus 3 syl. Aemylia , a lady of high degree, in love with Am'yas, a squire of inferior rank. Going to meet her lover at a trysting-place, she was caught up by a hideous monster, and thrust into his den for future food. Prince Arthur, having slain Corflambo, released Amyas from the durance of Paea'na, Corflambo's daughter, and brought the lovers together "in peace and joyous blis" canto ix.

Aemil'ia, wife of Aege'on the Syracusian merchant, and mother of the twins called Antiph'olus. When the boys were shipwrecked, she was parted from them and taken to Ephesus. Here she entered a convent, and rose to be the abbess. Without her knowing it, one of her twins also settled in Ephesus, and rose to be one of its greatest and richest citizens.

Aene'as, a Trojan prince, the hero of Virgil's epic called Aeneid.

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He was the son of Anchi'ses and Venus. His first wife was Creu'sa 3 syl. He succeeded his father-in-law in the kingdom, and the Romans called him their founder. Aene'id , the epic poem of Virgil, in twelve books.

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When Troy was taken by the Greeks and set on fire, Aene'as, with his father, son, and wife, took flight, with the intention of going to Italy, the original birthplace of the family. Latinus, in this dilemma, said the rivals must settle the dispute by an appeal to arms.

Book I. The wife was lost and died. This book corresponds to the Iliad , xxiii. The episode of Nisus and Eury'alus. The story of Sinon and taking of Troy is borrowed from Pisander, as Macrobius informs us. Ae'son, the father of Jason. He was restored to youth by Medea, who infused into his veins the juice of certain herbs. The young son of Henry VI.

List of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in the United States

African Magician The , pretended to Aladdin to be his uncle, and sent the lad to fetch the "wonderful lamp" from an underground cavern. As Aladdin refused to hand it to the magician, he shut him in the cavern and left him there. Aladdin contrived to get out by virtue of a magic ring, and learning the secret of the lamp, became immensely rich, built a superb palace, and married the sultan's daughter. Several years after, the African resolved to make himself master of the lamp, and accordingly walked up and down before the palace, crying incessantly, "Who will change old lamps for new!

Aladdin caused him to be poisoned in a draught of wine. Af'rit or Afreet , a kind of Medusa or Lamia, the most terrible and cruel of all the orders of the deevs. Agag , in Dryden's satire of Absalom and Achit'ophel , is sir Edmondbury Godfrey, the magistrate, who was found murdered in a ditch near Primrose Hill. Oates, in the same satire, is called "Corah.

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  • Agamemnon , king of the Argives and commander-in-chief of the allied Greeks in the siege of Troy. Introduced by Shakespeare in his Troilus and Cres'sida. Vixere fortes ante Agamem'nona , "There were brave men before Agamemnon;" we are not to suppose that there were no great and good men in former times. A similar proverb is, "There are hills beyond Pentland and fields beyond Forth. Agandecca , daughter of Starno king of Lochlin [ Scandinavia ], promised in marriage to Fingal king of Morven [ north-west of Scotland ].

    The maid told Fingal to beware of her father, who had set an ambush to kill him.