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It ranges from Manufacturer to Manufacturer. Maruti Suzuki VIN can be identified can be next to panel ahead of battery as specified in Picture - 1 above or for Hyundai Cars - its under driver seat or top of dash or driver side center pillar as specified in Picture below. For Honda - its visible just by opening Boot at the hinges.

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Toyota Kirloskar - Combination of 18th n 19th Letter. For eg 10 denotes October and 03 denotes March. Ford - 12th Letter.

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Month Series can be checked using below sheet for Cars Manufactured from and Onwards. This is a 17 digit number, Lets decode the chassis number to find the manufacturing month and year of car So its a Make Year. Important : If you seek advise or recommendation , pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments. Bought a Ram yesterday that was advertised as a My big problem French customs asks me the month of this vehicle, that I can know if it passes in collection vehicle or not 30 years can you send me by e-mail a concrete evidence stipulating the month of year , I must provide this paper before next monday here is my e-mail address philippemonchatre83 gmail.

What is a VIN — and why is it important?

How to Decode MotorCycle Code e. Hi, I bought a new car in February but after that I only check the vin number which manufacture in Is this a matter to me?

What's a VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number)?

I felt that I was been cheated. What can I do?

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What could be it manufacture year and month? Plse suggest. JM i got the above number from dealer as vin number Ecosport Could you please reply the details JM in Ford means July My car chis Home Categories Login Username. Password Forgot Password?

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Remember me. Decode Manufacturing Date of Car. Wednesday, 02 January Gagan Modi. Again, each manufacturer will have their own numerical designations.

Constituents of A VIN/Chassis Number:

This is because there was no standard for the VIN numbers between and so different manufacturers used different formats. See the image below:. Before buying a used car , it is quite important to check the VIN as thieves will often replace the VIN of a stolen car with the VIN of a similar vehicle that is already legally registered. What is a vehicle identification number VIN?

Justin Kavanagh January 10, Previous Article: What happens when you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your tank? Next Article: Bizarre bubbles appear on front tyre stopped on school run in Derby. VIN cloning is a crime that involves replacing the VIN of a stolen car or a car with a bad history with the VIN of another car of the same model and make. Its goal is to misrepresent or hide the identity and history of a car usually offered for sale.

Where Can You Find the Chassis Number of Your Vehicle?

With fake ownership documents, the car with the cloned VIN can be easily registered in another state. Check if a car is right for you and uncover any potential safety issues. Run VINCheck.