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If you would like to appeal your property, call the Saginaw County Assessor's Office at and ask for a property tax appeal form. Keep in mind that property tax appeals are generally only accepted in a month window each year.

Saginaw County, Michigan Tax Assessors' Office

For more information and example appeals, see how to appeal your property taxes. Property tax rates are based on property values. How can I contact Saginaw County? You can try contacting the Saginaw County local government directly with any issues the Assessor's Office can't solve. In many counties, certain property records such as deeds are kept in the county courthouse or county archives instead of at the tax assessors' office.

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Enter Your Location Dismiss. Assessed Home Value Dismiss. Delinquent personal property taxes must be paid to Kochville Township. Call to verify the amount due. Payments Cash, checks, money orders, or e-checks consult your bank are the only allowable methods of payment. Make checks payable to Kochville Township Treasurer.

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Credit cards are not accepted. You may pay during office hours, use our after hours drop box, or mail your payment to the Kochville Township Treasurer, Mackinaw Road, Saginaw, Michigan Tax payments must be paid separately from utility bills.

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Millage The tax rate is referred to as the millage, which is expressed in mills per thousand dollars of taxable property value. Please click on below for more information:. Free Tax Preparation locations. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the low-to-moderate income taxpayer for tax preparation, please click on below for free training to become a volunteer.