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North Carolina criminal Records

Court Cost and Fees. Legal Glossary. The other category of contracts and related documents you provided for our review and opinion have the following characteristics, at least on their face: a the parties to the contracts are the institutions and various vendors or suppliers; b the contracts are not signed by the coaches though the contracts do provide some benefits to the coaches or impose some obligations on them; c institutional property or resources are affected by implementation of the contracts; and d the original or copies of the documents are maintained by the universities.

There is no statute that makes documents with these characteristics private or confidential.

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Thus, in our opinion they are public records and should be made available for inspection and copying by citizens upon request. Charles J.

Waldrup February 6, Page 3 In sum, in our opinion each of the documents you forwarded for our review is a public record under the Public Records Law. We, of course, express no opinion regarding any contracts or documents other than those you provided for our review. Very truly yours , Edwin M. Public Records.

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District Court hours are set to being at AM Superior Court hours are set to begin at AM speeding reductions hours are each Thursday beginning at pm until pm. Courthouse hours of operation for Clerk of Court are from am to pm, Monday through Friday. The courthouse is closed on Judicial Branch holidays. Various types of cases -- such as civil and criminal in superior court; civil, criminal and juvenile in district court; small claims; and estates and special proceedings -- are heard within the courts in Greene County.

Greene County has parking at the rear of the building and can be accessed at the rear of the building.