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Smith of Worcester, England offers a more intriguing origin:. Chad" was born in at a secret school in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire that was teaching "Radio-Location," now called "Radar. How the drawing started is shown in the attached picture. Later, an unknown genius added the question mark and the now immortal words "WOT! No Electrons? Chad, but it's a good story.

Illustrating Equality VS Equity

Chad were joined together, they made their way to every corner of the American presence, especially in newly captured areas or landings. Did you enjoy this article? Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Thank you. RSS Feeds. Visitor Submitted Comments.

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First, it is aiming to offer interesting and useful information about WW2. Second, it is to showcase Lava's technical capabilities. World War II Database. Kilroy was Here. Art says: 11 Sep AM Interesting info. Great reading. In honor of Dale W.

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Best Sr. Awesome…great to hear. When thinking about the image initially, I needed to use a difference between people that was easy to portray and instantly if not universally recognizable, so height seemed like a good choice. The best thing we can do, I think, is to educate people about their perceptions and try to inoculate them against prejudicial thinking.

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So, to that end, I appreciate your post here and hope it continues to help convey and evolve our appreciation of these issues. Good thought provoking article. It reminds me of the statement often used in other circles i. This is one of the basic premises of the notions of tolerance and accommodation; and it is always good to keep it in mind. I note though the comment by Kerry that the context and audience of the initial graphic should be considered in further reviews.

Context is always important for good understanding. I love the critical lens you are bringing to our use of these images. But I love your additional suggestions! Paul, thanks for posting this! Is it really worth it to work so hard to clearly visually define this artificial and constructed difference? Fascinating analysis, thank you! I believe the problem lies in where to draw the line. The graphic makes its point very clear but its in reference to a baseball game.

What about necessities? So should the government provider all the same food to individual B that A affords? Who is deciding what is enough? Hi, Ike. You raise an important point. Thanks for raising these issues.

How to Photograph Through a Wire Fence: Quick Tip

Really appreciate this piece and the related commentary. As this is a group interested in these matters, wanted to add a minor point on the 3rd version housing by Matt Kinshella. Critical criminologists have worked to discredit the broken windows theory — in short, the focus on minor crimes actually brings more unwanted police attention to historically targeted populations. That two of the primary examples illustrate mere entertainment or competition is telling. In all of the existing images there is no interaction among the individuals.

People standing on boxes to see over a fence is a dubious approach to viewing a game for which they had not paid admission. Removing the fence altogether fundamentally changes the game being played inside the ballpark and demonstrates that once again, the cause is all about the people outside the fence and their whims, desires, and feelings of being left out, and no consideration for those who built the fence necessary for the playing of the game, or protecting the investment they made in the ballfields, the club, the players, etc.

WOW a completely different perspective. Lots of valid points being made. It is good to see all sides to the opinions. I agree sometimes you are dont realize what you are encouraging… this could be an example of exactly that. You know what would bring clarity and resolution to this conversation? How about inviting the people you are talking about into the conversation. Ask them, they are capable of giving a perspective on the equity vs. Something to ponder….. Home About What is Cultural Organizing?

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