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His ex wife refused to let him see his only son. He went back in to start serving the rest of his time. The divorce decree states they will alternate years on filing the child on taxes, and this is his year and the ex is also refusing him to do this divorced after Is the ex entilited to do this? We see future problems when he gets out early next year. Please help.

Why Parents Should Never Ask Children What Visitation They Want

If she returns my son Saturday night but wants to pick him back up Sunday morning am I obligated to allow that or is she forfeiting the rest of her access for the weekend by returning him early? The decree states visitation is when both parties agree. Is she in contempt? Please any advice would be appreciated. Me and my kids dad have been to court for custody and the judge has ruled that he gets temporay custody until we come up with a agreement that was in We had a temportay mediation agreement for one year.

I pay child support for them. I want to go back to court and get a court order to see my kids and that case is closed now.

Cause i have a 4 yr old with someone else and they never meet her either and i want to be able to visit them or have them visit us. I need help. I lived in CA. My ex and I split about 2 months now. No court order and we are trying to co-parent our son.

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I ask two time he refused to tell me. I feel like im not getting treated fairly. My husband lied about his income on the divorce papers when he filed for divorce and he has opted to skip mediaton and go straight to trial. He is asking for my daughter for half of the year or at least all summer and every other… she does not want to stay with him but she is only 9 and I am not sure they will listen to what she has to say.

He had CPS called on him twice where we used to live in another state both times he refused to meet with them and they did not do anything about it. He has also been in counciling for anger I guess for a couple years but it does not help. I do not want to go against any court order but I am not comfortable leaving her with him for more than a few days. Especially when she stays there more than 2 or 3 days in a row she calls crying and does not want to be there. He is always on the phone and mostly ignores her and pawns her off on his mother who smokes with my daughter there and I do not appreciate.

I was hoping for some advice. Both my ex and I are on the birth certificate together. Recently, she has decided to end the relationship and have me move out. My ex states that I can not legally take her that far over night. Neither of us have gone to court over anything yet. I have the only source of income due to my ex having multiple theft charges, and one felony theft charge.

I also am disabled. I have 2 domestic dispute charges against my father from 4 years ago.

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Is she able to hold my daughter from me because I live that far away, can she also change my daughters last name without my consent, and can she prevent me getting to have my daughter on weekends? I live in Michigan. I am 22 years old. This is a very difficult situation to assess with so few details a very in depth intake is definitely required by a professional — give us a call.

This is why you need a court order. This is a legal document given to most parents that are unmarried in the hospital to sign. Many hospitals will not place your name on the birth certificate without signing, but some will, so it is likely you signed it but this is necessary for you to obtain asap. As for getting overnight visitation, as long as you are in the same state, overnight visitation should be allowed, barring anything bad in your pat. However, being that you moved far away, not her, it is likely that the burden of providing the majority of transportation would be on you for the time being.

Call our team immediately to obtain your fathers rights! My wife left me and she took our 5 year old boy in ga. We havnt been to court yet she has custody of him.

What Is Visitation Interference And What Can You Do About It?

She saids I can only see him every other weekend. I want to see him more what are my rights. Please contact one of our local Georgia family law professionals right away. The only way this gets worse right now is by waiting to make your move. Also, she does not have custody just because she took the children. In fact, if she now has bad living environment compared to your home, this may swing a custody decision in your favor! Here is a link to our state page on Georgia Family Law.

She lost custody of her 3 prior kids within the last 2 years because she git a dui and showed up to court intoxicated.

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Her oldest daughter choose to get a lawyer and live with her step dad because of verbal abuse. She gave me a ultimatum and I choose to get out of the relationship. I just want to see my daughter without all this extra drama. Me and my family really miss my baby girl and just need some help. I try to do side jobs but dont have a lot of money to pay for help.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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There is no easy way to attack this problem, and I would say that the most important thing you can do is find an attorney who can help. This will require getting money together, and I know you are on a budget, but this is essential and needs to happen before anymore time goes by.

Talk to friends and family and get something together and work out a payment arrangement with one of our affiliated attorneys by filling out the side form on our site.

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What is important is to act quickly. You need to show that you are the good parent. Stay above it, do not stoop to her level. The first step may be to file an emergency petition for custody or possession. A judge will probably order her to disclose her location and appear before the court within a week or two.

This is the case in many instances but not all instances. Then, to find her, you may need to tell the police that you have a court order and that she has kidnapped your child.