Where can i find presents to send to prisoners

Sha says there's a huge selection to choose from with services like JPay, and embraces it as a luxury of mass incarceration in the 21st century. But some inmates aren't so fond of the service, likening it to a scam—albeit one they can't always resist. I use it, but it's just a photo.

Not really a card. I used it to send out a birthday card. It's something that's quick and fast and convenient and you feel like you're semi-attached to the real world by using email. I got the same feeling when I first started using email around at FCI Loretto, a low-security federal prison in western Pennsylvania. It was like instant back and forth communication, and I'm sure a lot of dudes will be using JPay to send Valentines Day e-cards to their significant others and loved ones.

But most inmates I spoke to still prefer physical cards to the digital iteration. These things can get really elaborate, and there's actually a decent selection, with various card hustlers pitching their wares on the compound. My personal favorite Valentine's Day move was always to call my mom and get her to order my wife roses. Showing that you can deliver a physical gift even when you can't be present is everything for an inmate. He might as well find out now that we're getting back together when I come home.

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Any sign of interest from the outside world is welcomed by inmates, but the key is often finding that friend on the outside who will lend you a hand. A guy called "Big Fridge" in the Ohio state system, which offers JPay, asked me for help this year with his mom, sister, and two girlfriends. My husband can and has sent me gifts from catologs vendors are sent a check from inmates account.

I've gotten flowers, balloons , jewelry , candles, trinkets, stuffed animals over the years.

15 Gift Ideas for Inmates

This is New York State prison. Every state is different.

We even have conjugals in New York. In Michigan as far as I know it's only the inmates familys that send gifts or the gifts have to be made inside the prison. Originally Posted by isouryear. And knowing it takes that kind of planning and time makes it even more special to me. I have seen ads online for catalogs where the inmate can send a gift to a loved-one. The choices are obviously limited. I have helped out some of my guy's good friends order gifts for their kids at Christmas, etc Originally Posted by PixieWings.

Ive heard that you have to be on the visit list for them to be able to send you anything besides cards. I wonder if that is different from fed to fed. And each state is different. You do not have to be on their visiting list to get gifts from them. My guy is in fed, he sent me two crocheted hearts for valentines day, a guy made them. He can only send things that they can make in there with materials found in the prison, he said its hard though, has to fill out a bunch of forms, and get permission.

Delivering Gifts to Children with a Parent in Prison

I am expecting a few more gifts, not sure what they will be. He likes sending me things, I also got a pendant he made, but he gave it to a friend who was being released and when he got out he put it in the mail. I just received a bunch of adorable handmade valentine's gifts and it was totally unexpected. It made my entire day bright. I never knew this was possible until now either. But I'm sure glad it is. I really wish I could remember the company, but when I was in prison, there were catalogs circulating that allowed prisoners to use stamps or prison funds to order flowers, teddy bears and other stuff for their loved ones.

5 Awesome Things to Send Inmates in a Care Package

You could even include a handwritten note if you wanted. Thanks, all. This has been very enlightening! My ex-husband sent me a lovely card for Valentine's Day. Now I'm wondering why I didn't get some type of gift also. I just got a crocheted white rose covered in my mans cologne, its beautiful and smells just like him, I love it.. So his way of sending me flowers is that..

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