How do you find someone in prison

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Look Up an Inmate/Parolee

It is best to check with the prison before you visit if you plan to bring a prisoner more property in case the items are not approved. If something serious happens to a prisoner, next of kin are quickly notified. This includes if a prisoner is admitted to hospital or a mental health facility.

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People outside prison can also put money into a prisoner's account. If you have someone taken to prison from court, Corrections staff will be able to tell you where they are going.

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  7. Later, if you want to confirm whether a person is in prison, there is a process to follow. If the person you ask about is in prison, we ask them for their consent to tell you where they are. If they agree, we will tell you which prison and how to get in touch with them.

    Loving Someone in Prison

    If the person is not in prison, or does not give us permission to tell you, then we are unable to give any information. Find out more on our website or talk to one of our staff at court. Remember — all visitors including children will have to go through security checks and can be searched once on prison property. To see a prisoner you have to be an approved visitor.

    If a prisoner wants you to be allowed to visit them they can send you a form to fill out.

    Find an inmate in a Massachusetts prison

    You can read more about the process on our website www. Search Button Search. Limits on belongings Prisoners can have only limited belongings in their cells.