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To file for divorce in Florida, one of the parties to the marriage must reside in the state for 6 months before the filing of the petition. One of the parties has been declared mentally incapacitated by a judge at least 3 years before filing for divorce. It is possible that the abuser can argue to the judge that the marriage is not irretrievably broken and ask the judge to order counseling or mediation before granting a divorce.

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More often, mediation could be ordered to resolve issues of the divorce, not for reconciling the marriage. At that point, if you raise the issue of domestic violence, the judge could take steps to keep you safe i.

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Alternatively, the judge could agree that mediation is not appropriate in the situation. Alimony is financial support paid by, or to, your spouse and can be awarded when a divorce is granted.

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If the judge decides to grant you or your spouse alimony, the judge will consider certain factors to determine a fair amount to award. These factors include, but are not limited to:. In addition, the judge may order the spouse who is paying spousal support to keep a life insurance policy or secure assets to protect the ongoing payment of support.

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Florida has different types of alimony. Bridge the gap alimony may be awarded to help you make a transition from being married to being single. This type of alimony is to assist you with specific short-term needs.

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The length of the alimony award cannot be longer than 2 years but can end earlier than that if you get re-married or if you or your spouse dies. The amount of alimony or the length of time that it is paid cannot be modified by the judge. Rehabilitative Alimony Rehabilitative alimony is awarded to help you gain the ability to support yourself through:. This type of alimony will only be awarded if there is a specific and defined rehabilitative plan.

It can be changed or ended when there is a significant change in circumstances, if you are not following the rehabilitative plan, or if you finish the rehabilitative plan. Durational Alimony Durational alimony can be awarded when permanent alimony is inappropriate.

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The purpose of this type of alimony is to give you financial assistance for a specific period of time if your marriage is considered to be a short-term or moderate-term marriage up to 17 years , or if your marriage was a long-term marriage 17 years or more but you have no need for permanent economic support. This type of alimony ends when you or your spouse dies, or if you get married.

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Note: The judge can change or end the amount of alimony amount based on a significant change in circumstances. However, the length of time of the alimony award cannot be changed except under exceptional circumstances and cannot be longer than the length of your marriage. Permanent Alimony A judge can grant permanent alimony to provide for your needs and necessities of life as they were established during your marriage if you lack the financial ability to meet your needs and necessities.

The judge must believe that no other types of alimony explained above are fair and reasonable based on the circumstances. This type of alimony may be awarded:.

Financial Help for Divorced Women

The Florida Courts website provides court forms that you may need if you wish to get a divorce in Florida. In addition, the Florida Bar Association has a lot of information about divorce , including information on alimony and property division. We provide these links for your information only. All rights reserved. Department of Justice.

Neither the U. Our goal is to provide sound financial planning advice and solutions for proactive planning. Having a financial planner involved in your divorce will ensure your finances are in order in the short- and long-term. Speaking with a financial planner experienced with divorce can help with the preparation of the separation and remove some of the fear of the unknown.

We will help you gather the necessary documents and work with other divorce advisors such as your attorney and tax professional to address all the financial questions and concerns that may arise.

How To File For Divorce In Florida [7-Step DIY Guide to Help You File]

If mediation is your chosen path through divorce, we can work with both you and your spouse alongside the mediator to come to an equitable division of assets. During or after your divorce, we will work with you to assess your financial situation and create a plan based on your goals. If your ex-spouse was always the one who handled the finances, we will hold your hand in helping you set up your new post-divorce finances.

That may include establishing a spending plan, learning to pay bills online, assessing your personal risk tolerance for investing, creating an investment strategy and developing a financial plan. Our goal is to provide personal service coupled with current and extensive financial knowledge.