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Every such account shall be itemized and certified as provided in Subsection A.

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Every such account or demand allowed in whole or in part shall be filed by the Village Treasurer, and those of each year shall be consecutively numbered and have endorsed thereon the number of the order issued in payment. All accounts, demands or claims against the Village of Grantsburg shall be verified by the claimant or proper official.

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Payment of regular wages or salaries. Regular wages or salaries of Village officers and employees shall be paid by payroll, verified by the proper Village official, department head, board or commission and filed with the Village Treasurer in time for payment on the regular payday.

Method of incurring claims. A roll call vote shall be taken and recorded on all appropriations. The Village Clerk, Village Treasurer and their deputies shall not receive any money into the treasury from any source except on account of taxes levied and collected during the fiscal year for which they may then be serving without giving a receipt therefor in the manner specified by the Village Board.

Upon the payment of any money except for taxes as herein provided , the Village Clerk, Village Treasurer and their deputies shall make out a receipt in duplicate for the money so received. The Village Clerk, Village Treasurer and their deputies shall charge the amount thereof to the treasury and credit the proper account.

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The payment of the money to any receiving agent of the Village or to the Village or to the Village Clerk, Village Treasurer, or their designees shall be safeguarded in such manner as the Village Board shall direct. Letting of contracts. Construction by the Village. Quotations and formal bids. The results of the verbal quotations are recorded on a memorandum of verbal quotation form.

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An informal quotation is a written request for quotation sent to vendors. The formal bid procedure requires a legal public notice and contains detailed, written specifications regarding the goods and services to be purchased and a number of specific conditions associated with the purchase. Bid solicitation. All written requests for quotations shall be issued by the applicable department heads and returned to and analyzed by the applicable department heads.

Informal requests for written quotations may also be solicited by telephone. Vendors shall be given a reasonable time to respond to the request for an informal, written quotation and shall be given clear, concise specifications and informal bidding instructions to facilitate competitive bidding.

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The bid proposal shall also include a section on special provisions, including guarantees and service considerations, trade-in considerations, and other information relating to special conditions. However, the Village Clerk shall ensure that the specifications are sufficiently broad enough that competition in the bidding process is preserved.

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    See resources for property records in other Wisconsin counties:. Calumet County property tax and assessor records. He was Member of Wisconsin territorial legislature, and is credited with efforts in behalf of Wisconsin Statehood. He and his wife died on the same day, depriving him of seeing his work completed. From to , Burnett County was all one township. That is, there was only one governing body appointed by Governor J. He named Nimrod H.

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    • Hickerson, County Judge; Peter A. The county seat, selected by the state legislature, was Grantsburg, named after General Ulysses S. From to , the county functions were carried out in the school house. The first county meeting was held on January 24,